B I D A Y A T E C H makes it incredibly easy to raise money online from the crowd for the thing that matter to you most as a campaign owner, that’s your Tech Startup. Typically, a fundraising campaign will go through the following four step process ( as a campaign owner you should be aware of the fact that creating and managing a fundraising campaign is a time consuming, thus its essential that you manage your time efficiently and effectively);



STEP 1 - Pre-launch Preparation

With enough lead time before the campaign launch (30-90 days), the campaign owner will (A) prepare the pitch (the average word count for the description of successful crowdfunding campaigns is 400 to 600 words.) , team profile, presentation, short video(1-3 minutes), images and diagrams about the Tech Startup product or service, in the same time (B) build the network and contacts (2000-3000 names) list of the backers (emails, mobile numbers ( for direct calls or texting / messaging) and social media. Last (C) develop the rewards tiers and level including its costing and pricing , also arrange the logistics for delivering physical rewards to backers.(see rewards sections) 

Its very crucial that  A and B and C are being reviewed and checked before the launch date. 

During the pre-launch stage, campaign owner will start campaigning and spread the word about the upcoming campaign.

For further detials on Pre-Lunch Preperations, please visit BIDAYATECH Academy link below; https://www.bidayatech.com/content/learn-more/pre-launch-preperations




STEP 2 - Launch Campaign

Submission is made to the platform for review and feedback, then approval by B I D A Y A T E C H Admin, including choosing campaign type and period (days) to be launch (go-live)- The type of campaign can not be changed after choosing it. Be aware, if the Campaign is launched , then its final and can not be changed or modified.


STEP 3 - Share Campaign

Start campaigning through contacting all their network and potential backers by email, social media and any other channels including in person to reach out, as well as word of mouth triggering strategies (the actual campaigning). 


STEP 4 - Collect Funds

When the duration (days) of the campaign is finished , if the campaign reach its goals (amount) total goal less the fees will be transferred to the campaign owner, but if the campaign did not reach its goal ( unsuccessful) collected money will be refunded to all backers with the exception of the Flexible funding (Keep it all - KIA) campaign.  in KIA is where raised fund are kept by the campaign owner whether goal (amount) is reached or not, after the end of the durations (days).