BIDAYATECH is a Reward-Based Crowdfunding platform focusing on Tech Startups in MENA region. The platform will facilitate fundraising campaigns for Tech Startups with  MVP or Demo Prototype or at Beta testing stage targeting scaling up and growing of their operation. The funding will be against non-financial rewards (non-equity).

BIDAYATECH as a platform will be serving curated and vetted TECHNOLOGY startups (seed and early stage) with project, product, solution or service with a minimal viable product or service (MVP or Demo Prototype or at Beta testing stage) to bridge their funding gap to meet their operations requirments and needs.

Tech startups will launch their fundraising campaigns (pitch, video, and images) on BIDAYATECH platform in exchange for different levels of non-financial rewards (experiences, recognitions, products or services of the Tech Startup) for their campaign backers, patrons and contributors.


B I D A Y A T E C H   is Bahrain first Crowdfunding platform

 B I D A Y A T E C H   is a GCC & MENA region first Crowdfunding platform (Reward – Based) focusing on Tech Startups



To empower tech startups to add momentum to their growth by bridging their funding gap to achieve their dreams while addressing humankind everyday difficulties and pains.



Is to be the go-to TECHNOLOGY hub and platform for tech startups seeking funding and backers searching for innovations.



  • To enable entrepreneurs to scale up
  • To promote technology
  • To connect backers with entrepreneurs
  • To fast-track startups
  • To support startups ecosystem initiatives
  • To create jobs